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marvelit, post: 19983 wrote:
if you have a remote TS there can be a few things that can go wrong.

1. the monly fees can add up pretty fast

2. if your internet is down, the whole team cannot do one bit of work.

3. if your in an area that does not support adsl2 your going to have alot of lag which decreases productivity

4. more often than not you are resticted with file servers etc, and can be quite costly if they are remote (ie. hdd space)

These are good points!!! Just some thoughts on point 2;

A spare modem, and 3G backup is cheaper to keep lying around than spare server parts. I think its easier/cheaper to guarantee uptime on Internet than a server even with redundant PSU, raid etc…you can work people through plugging modems in over the phone. You can’t when a server breaks.

When a server breaks the whole place stops too…Internet can be fixed very quickly, a server not so….if a server breaks whats the average down time?

Internet does break a lot more often tho, so I think you could be right lol :)…3G is hardly a substitute for adsl too…but yeah it would allow work to be done…I’ve seen adsl routers with 3g fall backs, i wonder if they’re any good…

The advantage I see with remote vdi is you never need a tech out on site, and that’s expensive. Those costs might out way the cost of VDI…plus ya gotta ask, why does a remote VDI cost more? Logically it should cost less shouldn’t it?