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You guys are also assuming they have 3g in their area :p this wont work for all clients.

Also, if they have a 3g modem / connection, they must be on some sort of plan of at least a dodgy prepaid situation that theyw ill need to recharge.

a 3g network would be absolutley terrible for a TS service, and I would doubt you could support more than like 2 – 3 max users on it, hardly worth using.

Regardless of having a server or not, they are going to need a technician on site every now and then.

You also need to take into context that every server, wether it is onsite or off site / VM will need maintenance, and should be monthly. They always need updates, you still need to check event logs, you still need to do so many things no matter where the server is.

I have a checklist of stuff I go through every month for my clients with servers, to ensure that their server is running at optimum level and can fix problems before they get worse and turn pear shaped.

let me say this much, if you setup a server for them, and walk away from it and jsut start looking for another client to do the same to and hope they call you every now and then for a bit of work, you will end up bankrupt fast.

You will also give clients the false assumption that servers / backups are set and forget.

4k for a server is cheap, and I am guessing is not a real server with server hardware, unless its one of the entry level HP towers or something.

The reason I know this is because the warranty on a server should be around 2k alone :p. 24×7 365 on site warranty for 5 years is what you should be getting. If you cant get that then dont buy it.