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Hey guys,

Obviously, being a direct competitor I know this will seem one-eyed to some, to the rest of you looking for an affordable and effective alternative, I hope this is received well.

Back in January and February, I did a lot of research before beginning to formalise my concept. “Every Ounce Counts” for those who didn’t catch my intro a while back.

We interviewed over 200 SME owners and many people, including my parents and close friends who had used SAD Advertising, had a negative experience to share. Some on the other hand had great redemptions, though never seemed to cover the investment.

We took a lot of factors into consideration when designing our site;

    Affordability – $1 a day
    Flexibility – No contracts just discounts for longer periods
    Measurable ROI – Live statistics
    Environmental Footprint – Print as you go, mobile redemption
    Graphic Design – No design required, live editing + free assistance for the less tech savvy
    Marketing – We market to consumers, they’re already looking for offers, and don’t have to spend money to save money

After considering these factors and adding some design and mobile tech options to the coupon industry – I think we’ve done a pretty good job.

We launched on the 2nd of November and just hit the 10,000 subscriber mark today – looks like the public agrees.

While SAD Advertising has worked for some in the past, bragging about wasting 15,000 sheets of paper a month definitely wont cut it in the future. My personal view is that soon, responsible supermarkets won’t have dockets at all.

Cheers all.