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Adam Randall
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Aidan, post: 20838 wrote:
LOL – a million or more webmasters will argue that one!

I agree with the sentiment though Adam, great content tends to attract some backlinks naturally if the content gets heard about to begin with!

and there’s the rub…

you have to get the content seen by those who might choose to link to it…

…which means promoting it!

My thought is that if you worked 10 hours a week on the content of your web site for a year instead of 10 hours a week on trying to get more traffic, which one is going to get you more traffic?

There is no quick fix, if someone has no traffic to their site now, its because its not worth visiting, nobody links to sites that are not worth linking to except for the cheesy directories that seem to exist only to increase their own presence and sell advertising (like google but not as good)

Who actually uses one of these directories that we submit to as a default search engine? Nobody, what purpose do the serve? Very little it seems.

Content regardless of what it is, is everything & without it, a web site is just a yellow pages advert.

You can get a backlink script that will add your site to hundreds of thousands of whatever type of directory you want & that will over time automate the process of one way links from others web sites. Its still no good if whats at the end has nothing of value.

I see what your saying on the promotion part, it has to be seen, however Google and the other search engines do a pretty good job of that if the information is relevant to the searcher to start with & only one link is required for google to find your site.