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Most hairdressing chains ask for payment after the fact – and that also allows you to encourage extra treatments (extra sales!)

Perhaps have a chat with them, what do they do.

solobarber, post: 19049 wrote:
I’ve read around about collecting money from customers but most people have invoicing systems and most are large sums of money.

I however, am a barber, and we don’t have such a system: I cut customer’s hair, get to the till, customer pays me. Or so that’s how simple it should be. And it’s not a large sum of money!

I’ve come across a couple of customers who once I get to the till to charge them, they tell me they don’t have money or if they try by EFTPOS, it fails. Who the hell goes and decides to get a haircut without bringing money!?

So my dilemma is, what on earth should I do? I do ask them for the money (nicely) when I see them and they haven’t paid, but a lot of the time they still say they don’t have it on them and pay weeks later.

Should I ask the regular non-payers to pay BEFORE I provide the service? And just plainly refuse to unless they pay me beforehand. Or does that bring up legal problems?

I’ve thought about actually making them walk away with an invoice, but seriously, over $21.95 – a haircut, it feels so silly to have to do that.

Any suggestions or advice!?