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My experience (as a financial planner) is that often people actually know what they want to do and the types of products that they want/need. They go to a financial planner, and end up paying fees for advice that invariably aim to sell more product. They think the adviser is recommending to them the “best” product for them, when in actual fact they are recommending an “appropriate” product out of a suite of products that they are allowed to recommend (allowed by the licence that they operate under). Quite often what we really want is information, so we can then make an educated decision.

If you know what you are looking for, my business (Super Refunds) provides a service where we refund a minimum of 50% of the commissions payable from the product providers for placing your required needs. And lets face it, what all the fund managers and insurers are very similar, they have different minor features to “disguise” their products and make it almost impossible to compare, and when in reality we want a product for a particular need. All the little “sparkly” bits that they sell all come at a cost.

With insurers paying a first year commission of up to 100% (sometimes more) this means the first year after refund = 50% of normal cost, and investing works on a % based fee as well, so I can deliver at least a 50% saving if you know what you want/need.

Visit my site at http://www.superrefunds.com.au or give me a call (0249448820)