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KostaKondra, post: 19226 wrote:
The problem is this guy pretty much makes up one of my businesses. He’s a partner of mine in a digital media production company and when we started the business he talked a big game “Yeah man this is going to be big” and “Oh man we’re going to kick ass” etc.

He’s good at some parts but the guy is very unpunctual. He doesn’t show up to meetings until an hour late. I set him up with a time management software (Entourage for the Mac) and even synced his calendar with mine so I wouldn’t plan meetings, client meetings etc. on things that he’s doing.

But he’s dissapointed me twice all ready.

I don’t want the advice “Get rid of him cut your losses”. You think I haven’t thought of that. I go off at him, and then I think should I be nice. What the hell do I do with these people. What’s wrong with them? Why can’t they just come on time, it’s one of the simplest things in the world to do.

I question his ability to perform when the business really gets going if he can’t even make it to a meeting.

I was supposed to talk with him today on a few matter on Skype at 9pm and it’s all ready 10pm. No call from him or nothing. He’s not responding to txt messages and it’s driving me nuts?

Have you guys had a problem with this. I’m guessing it gets to a point of “You can’t help someone who can’t help themselves.”

Hi KostaKondra,

One of the biggest issues in partnerships can easily be where on partner feels he or she contributes significantly more than the other partner. This can lead to significant disharmony to the point of the business dissolving. If the business form is a company as you state, do you have a shareholders agreement in place?

If not, I suggest negotiating one with him. In this you can describe what each party does and can negotiate the number of shares each gets based on this. You can then potentially negotiate with him that if he does not bring his side, then some of his shares will be transferred to you in lieu of your time contribution. If he carries on the way he is at the moment, you will own the company soon enough. It is a very complex arrangement and will require professional support but it is an option.

Another solution could be to exploit his strengths without his weaknesses impacting on the business. Ask yourself if he really has to be at the meetings you want him to be at. Can you handle those without his presence? If the answer is yes, maybe that is what you should do. He can do what he is good at and you can do what you are good at. Not being punctual is not acceptable but if you have to live with it, then not expecting him to be might be the only solution. If he is a geek and it sounds like he might be, instant messaging, email or suchlike might be a better way of communicating with him.

Best of luck!