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Burgo, post: 19758 wrote:
There are heeps of interesting people on this forum, dont ask them just send an email to those that interest you people such as Leala, Astrid, Peppie, and one not to be missed is Numberz and there are many many more that fit. There are so many wonderful people on this forum and they are shy at saying “What about me , what about me” As I say dont ask approach direct.

Burgo, you have a good point, and it is what I have been doing. But, I can only contact so many people each week and I wanted to put it out there if anyone that I have not yet contacted (and there are more people I have not than those I have), I wanted people to know they could contact me as I really enjoy interviewing small business owners and the like.

So, yes I am and will continue to connect directly with people, but if I am yet to connect with someone, and that someone would like to be interviewed, you know where to find me.