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CuppingAndAcupuncture, post: 19287 wrote:
Hi All,

I recently travelled to the US and stumbled across a product that is simple and unique that I believe could work in Australia. As far as I can tell it is not patented in the US through patent searches. There are already 2 companies currently making and selling these over there.

I have designed my own version that differs, but not by much as the product is so simple. The basic aim of the product is exactly the same though.

Now, my question is…can i get these made and start selling them here without getting into any strife? Is there anything stopping me?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Philip,

Most companies are usually very quick to put the patent number or patent pending on their products if it is registered or being registered. Did you check if there is anything like that on the product?

Patent law is so complex and in my recent dealings with patent attorneys sometimes unpredictable, that it is worthwhile seeing a patent attorney if you believe it can make enough money here to justify the expense.

Kind regards,