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I agree with Burgo – having said that, phoning around for an accountant based on price is not necessarily going to give the results you are seeking

Professional Fees are an INVESTMENT into your business and should be factored into your budget – your question How much will an accountant set me back? suggests that you are looking at this as an expense

We’ve picked up the pieces after many clients have walked “blindly” into business ventures for the sake of “saving” a few dollars at the begining – one client has almost gone bankrupt after failing to carry out due diligence at the outset

Ask you business associates, go along to your local Chamber of Commerce / Lions / Rotary – you’ll be sure to meet business owners that can recommend accountants/solicitors

Nothing beats word-of-mouth. There’s other threads in this forum that talk about cost / price/ value – and asking an accountant their hourly rate will not always give you the answers you are wanting

Ask yourself “How much will NOT HAVING an accountant set me back?”