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Hi Cara,
Yes you are right…the bank is guaranteed to want a business plan….and $300K is nothing to be sneezed at.
They will wanta number of things. in all likelyhood they will want security as well, but even with significant security they are still going to want to see a business plan… and the bank as well can smell a outsourced business plan a mile away and they will most likely distrust it… much better to work with your mentor to write one yourself… there are polenty of business plan templates available, including from the victorian government small business department… I know that the Tasmania state government has some great resources and there are standard templates all over the place…. but the bottom line is, that a business plan for the purpose of a loan is a document that shows the bank what the business is about, what its market is, how it plans to make money, what the background of the management is etc etc. just the basic steps…

Here is the link to the article: http://www.newperspectives.com.au/articles/Business%20Plans%20that%20work.htm
Hope that helps