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MyBusiness, post: 19522 wrote:

Can someone recommend a good mentor and business plan writer?

We are opening a retail take away shop in rural victoria.


Hi Cara,

I have to agree with the comments that your business plan has to be your own. Wading through all the different parts of it forces you to think everything through and gives you the opportunity to formulate your own ideas into workable solutions. Start with the end in mind and keeping breaking goals and achievements down until you get to the point where you have specific tasks that you can complete without too much thinking. Do the thinking and planning up front to prevent flying by the seat of your pants. The saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail” is very true.

There are many places out there to get business plan formats free of charge, even from some of the banks.

I have many years of corporate experience and know what a huge waste of resources a business plan can be, if you don’t do it for yourself. Do it and then follow it. If it doesn’t work any more, don’t go off on a tangent, rework it and change it until it works again. A business plan is a living document that has to change with your business. Keep in mind that the bank will keep the business plan you have given them when you applied for finance and they will query major deviations from this.

Kind regards,