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Google Wave is certainly a revolution in terms of communication.

However, I really think that it needs some time to see if it will become ‘mainstream’ enough to revolutionise the way we all talk to each other.

A bit like fax, email etc., it is only really useful if a lot of other people take it up as well.

We also need support from major companies who will integrate ‘waves’ into their software, e.g. CRM systems, Accounting systems etc. so that this method of communicating becomes seamless.

For example, imagine if you could create and embed a ‘wave’ into your MYOB system so that you could maintain constant communication with your debtors about latest specials or courses you are running etc. For this to really work, you would need all your customers to have a wave account, as well as MYOB to build a ‘wave’ applet within their software.

Personally I am excited about Google Wave, but I will watch closely for the next few months to see if it will ever reach critical mass.