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My initial impressions so far:

* As a soloist it will be great for me to connect with other soloists in a community situation … it kinda takes this community (flying solo forum) to a whole new level.

We could just “login” and be of assistance to each other instead of pages of replies and so forth. Even being able to carry on conversations within the middle of some of the articles! hahaha

* As a soloist it will be a great way for me to be IRT (in real time) contact with the other people who help me with my business: accountant/book-keeper and so forth.

* Micro and small business will also benefit IMO especially amongst employees/contractors: those working IN the business.

Client side? Besides the ability to to have more fluid email like conversations …. and maybe taking the Facebook Fanpage concept to another level (more interaction between you, the business, and clients and potential clients)…. yeah… I don’t really see how it can be of benefit.

Downsides (my opinion only):

It’s only accessible via a web browser at the moment – I would love some desktop apps so I don’t have to have a web browser “window” open to access it. The same goes with being able to access via mobile phone.

I can’t integrate all 3 of my google personalities so I can seamlessly alternate between them without having to actually log out of one and log in to another (exactly like I do on Twitter via Tweetie for Mac).

I’ve still got my L plates on and am still playing around with it. I’ve decided to devote today to learning about it. So I’ll come back + post some more….