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Hi Ricky,

1. You’ll need to highlight your 2 specialties on the same website or create 2 sub-domains if the content of either is going to be significant. I think having 2 seperate sites would be clearly and easier to understand the company directives.

2. I would go with having both domains, .com and .com.au.

From a .com.au perspective, people are more likely to trust local companies with reachable addresses and contactable numbers.

From a .com perspective, the company has an international presence and looks better (IMO) than .com.au, plus people don’t like having to remember too many extensions. In the past some people wouldn’t even look at Australian sites because they were so slow (yes I’ve tried it overseas) and didn’t really have the same standards as the ones internationally. I think it has improved significantly but most people tend to only look at the US or Europe for businesses.

I am looking for 3D artists BTW ;-)