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GMHost, post: 19697 wrote:
Thank you for your reply Tech Monkeys. We believe, that advertising is all about memory. Those new Bank West TV ads are so stupid, but they are working! How do you know that they are working? The bank keeps repeating them!

Define working?

Bank West need to advertise at the moment due to bad publicity as part of a takeover.

Is it making them money?

Probably not (definitely not if you analyse recent profits).

Personally, I think TV advertising is a waste of time and money for most businesses (and even the ones who do it tend to do it badly).

There’s really only money in direct response – and this ain’t direct response.

If I were making an ad for TV I’d be changing a few things:

1. Create an offer. What are you offering here? Hosting? I’m not even actual sure what it is your company does from the ad. Do you think people are going to get up from the lounge, go to their computer and find out? Cause they won’t.

2. Create an offer. Hey didn’t I just say that? But in more depth – I would do a “Get your FREE XYZ when you go to http://www.XYZ.com” – I’ve found that when you advertise your more likely to get people on your database (who you can then sell) from doing this – so long as the offer is compelling.

3. Creating top of mind visuals – is a strategy more for people with millions of dollars to throw around – but okay, let’s say you’re going to do that. There’s nothing memorable here. A zebra. A lion. It’s not funny. It’s not even interesting.

4. Who is your target market for this ad? I’ve got no idea from watching it. One would assume that if you’re in hosting and you’re posting stuff here, it’s businesses – predominantly small businesses. How does this ad appeal to them? How does it get their attention?

5. Back to the offer thing again. There is no reason for me (supposedly your target market – I’m in internet marketing, host multiple websites and have 30 program members who also host multiple websites) – to contact you. Or even to remember you.

6. I assume you’re on one of those “pay per lead” TV advertising jobs? There’s a reason the typical commercial costs anywhere from $30,000 to $150,000 to produce. You might not have that kind of money, but how about going and at least talking to someone in copywriting?

At the end of the day – marketing / sales 101:

* You need a target market.
* You need a message that gets those people to listen.
* You need an offer that gets those people to take action.

This doesn’t even touch the basics. I’ll bet $5,000 that you don’t get one sale from it.