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mike@engagemarketing, post: 19812 wrote:
Marketing is the kind of thing that you can just ‘get’, with or without study. If you have a good understanding of people and psychology, odds are you’ll be in a good place to carry out much of your businesses marketing.

Why do they need to pay an agency then?

If all you’re interested in doing is your profession – go back to your day job because that’s the ONLY place in which you can afford to specialise and not know about everything.

As a business owner you don’t have a choice. You HAVE to understand sales and marketing. Is it time consuming? Sure.

But without sales and marketing you DON’T have a business.

You can have the greatest product in the world but if no ones buying it then you don’t have a business. You just have a very expensive hobby.

Getting a coach is a much better approach than outsourcing to an agency – because a coach will teach you the HOW. Once you understand the HOW then you can think about getting other people in …

The biggest problem I see with agencies is that they trade on business owners not understanding marketing. Half of the things they spend businesses money on is a total waste of time. They rarely provide in depth metrics or manage any real testing to show how different promotions are being reacted to.

Most agencies follow an old school, traditional form of marketing that I think is a waste of time for ALL businesses, but especially for small businesses who don’t have ridiculous amounts of money to spend on “brand building” (agency speak for failed promotions that made you no money).