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LeelaCosgrove, post: 19937 wrote:
Why do they need to pay an agency then?

As good for Australia as it would be if we all understood marketing, the reality is that soo many business owners either don’t get it or don’t understand it.

Many businesses are happy to operate with an idea and have someone else market that idea. Countless businesses have been successful in this same model.

Coaches are great, as long as they’re for you. They’re not for everyone. Our clients don’t want to spend the extra time carrying out their marketing activities – they just want to sit back and let things come to them from people that really know what they’re doing. Whether or not thats the ideal situation is irrelevant.

I’m sorry that your experience in Marketing Agencies hasn’t been good but you just haven’t found a good one, but obviously from our discussions on here I know that you fall into the bracket that have no need for an agency :)