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Tony Cosentino
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rhanek, post: 19834 wrote:
IS there anyone here who is absolutely ace at anything to do with wordpress… someone who really knows the ins and outs, what is possible and what isn’t, someone who has done it all ebefore, knows where to get the widgets and plugins and can create templates and themes to do what needs doing…
you know…
a true honest “specialist”
if you are…I want to talk with you… pick your brain and maybe get your help
lemme know
[email protected]


a lovely friend Kristin Rohan (http://www.SassySEO.com) from the twittersphere alerted me to your post here.

I am a lover of all things wordpress. I help businesses get going with it and provide support after they’re up and running. I don’t know everything there is to know about wordpress as it is growing very quickly. I tend to investigate what works and pass on that knowledge as I am have road tested it.

Not sure if I am the rocket scientist you are looking for, I am more of the website mechanic tinkering under the hood and keeping good people on the road.