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Hi Tia
You should be able to get your serial number from any current datafile you have on your computer – open the datafile and it will be in your company details. Call MYOB and give them that. However – yes absolutely if you are getting into contract bookkeeper you will need to upgrade – and I am not sure if version 12 is too long ago to do a direct upgrade or whether you would need to buy a completely new version – they only let you upgrade back a certain amount of yrs and I have a feeling version 12 would be around 6 or 7 years old?
If you seriously want to get into contract bookkeeping then you will find that your clients all have different versions of MYOB – your best bet is to become an MYOB Professional Partner – that way MYOB send you a disk containing all the latest versions of MYOB (First Accounts, Premier, Accounting Plus etc). You pay $41 a month – there may be an initial fee (I can’t remember as it was a while ago I signed up) and you have to prove you have some bookkeeping knowledge.
Hope that helps