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Gordon Akman
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marvelit, post: 20010 wrote:
Hi Gordon,

Great reply! Loved the read.

I must say I have tried cold canvassing and hated it, I tried to stick it out though.

My main problem was that when canvassing, you never get to talk to the right person. You end up talking to a receptionist etc, who has been advised to never hand stuff on to the boss or manager.

One way you can do it, but is postal only, is to find out the decision maker of a bizzo, then send them mail directly to them. That way you know that you are going to get it into the hand of the right person, and as much less chance of being opened by someone who isnt the decision maker :p

We all hate Cold Calling. The only reason I do it is so I can work from home from my waterfront apartment, make six figures plus per annum, and have as little to do with the public as possible lol. As much as I dislike Cold Calling sitting in my home office and banging out some cold calls on my VOIP phone (the calls are free which is great because I’m based in Brisbane and often need to call Sydney and Melbourne head offices to get decision makers) is better than working for someone else in an office all day dealing with customers/and some colleagues I often don’t particularly like.

There are many strategies you can use to get past gatekeepers (receptionists, PAs etc). You could probably find a bunch just searching Google. My personal favourite is saying:

Me: ‘Hello, who am I speaking with? Oh.. my secretary left a message to call the state manager of ABC & Co. Is this ABC and Co? Good (sound relieved). I can’t make out his name as I spilt coffee on the note (fake laugh or faked concern).

Secretary: Our state manager is John Smith. I’ll put you through.

It’s obviously not always that easy but if you put 5-10 hrs per month Cold Calling you will be surprised how confident, bold and polished you become. The key is to use a confident authoritative tone. This is your best chance of blasting straight past the gatekeeper.

The PAs with 5+ years experience are the toughest gatekeepers. But many Receptionists, Secretaries etc are young ladies who don’t think it’s a big deal to transfer a call through.

You can also get a lot of business people’s emails off the internet and send them an email. This can be useful as you can send out emails very fast just by copying and pasting a killer pitch from one email to the next and just change the email address. But even in 2009 the best chance you have at new business is getting a decision maker on the phone and delivering a smooth, clear, confident pitch.