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Karen Wardle
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Hi Mike

I also agree with everyone else but especially with this statement

Partnerships can be useful things, but partners need to bring more than money to the table.
And going into business with someone you do not know from Adam is always a bad idea.

I think Rhanek hit it right on the head with this one. Partnership problems are common in business and that is when the partners share a common vision and similar long term goals. Partnerships that are formed at the start-up stage have usually involved a lot of blood, sweat and tears from both parties.

That isn’t to say that a partner cannot be sought between start-up phase and commencement but clarify your reasoning before doing so and make sure that you have a partnership agreement prepared as others here have already suggested.

This guys motives seem a bit dodgy to me also. If you feel that you need a partner then I would follow Tracey Anne’s advice

if you are seriously considering this I would urge you to see both an accountant and a solicitor as fast as your legs will carry you there.

I would also be thoroughly checking the business credentials and background etc of anyone that I went into partnership with.


Karen (Wardle)