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Chris Bates
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Hey Jeremy,

Just thought I would help clarify your section on Solar Power, as it’s a bit misleading…

Biggest thing being, Solar Credits and Feed-In Tariffs do not apply Solar Hot Water, it appears as though you have them under the SHW heading.

Solar Hot Water

  • RECs for every system, value of RECs currently sits around $26 I think
  • Federal rebate of $1600 for replacing an existing ELECTRIC hot water system
  • Some state rebates may apply as well

SHW systems can either be gas or electric boosted. If you have an existing electric HW system you can normally figure out how much you stand to save. Here in SA we have J-Tariff (night tariff), which normally shows on your bill as ‘Ancillary’ – This is the cost of your Electric Hot Water.

Interesting to note that new installations of HW systems can only be gas or solar. Solar is certainly the better long-term solution, but do your research. Get a premium system.

Solar PV (Electricity)

  • RECs again
  • Solar Credits which is a 5x multiplier on the amount of RECs your receive
  • Feed-In Tariff (more on this later)

There’s two aspects to a feed-in tariff. Firstly every state has a minimum NET feed-in tariff (here in SA it’s 44c), NET being you’re paid this on every KwH you put back into the grid (that being at times when generation > consumption). This is typically paid by the electricity SUPPLIER, not your retailer. On top of this minimum, a retailer can pay more for your power, because they essentially get your power for free and resell it. Most places don’t, or they only give you 5c. Hopefully this will change.

Australia wants a nation-wide GROSS feed-in tariff to be put in place, which means that solar PV owners would be paid for every KwH they GENERATE. If you would like to support this motion, please sign this petition.

I’ll stop now…