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When we lived in our house we were one of the first in Sydney to install solar hotwater, and this unit lasted some 15 years.
We then changed to gas.

When we moved into the villa we have off peak hot water, and recently had to change the unit. We ended up staying with off peak as the cost of sloar h/w/unit has become very expensive.

Now we fine electricity has suddenly become an expensive commodity going up by $ 25.00 per month for what? or should that be why?

So we now have to look at what we are using in the way of electronic gagets and how do we reduce the cost of using these gagets.

We have been very concious of recycling for many years and have changed all the light globes and when we had to buy a new fridge or freezer we went for the energy saver even though they were more expensive.

We are now changing the computer getting rid of the desk top and replacing with a laptop, the energy saving ones. So now we even turn everthing except the fridges and freezer off every night. We have skylights to let in natural light and have moved my desk next to a large window so natural light can be used instead of electricity.

If I really need to I can cook on the Barb every night instead of using electricity and eat before dark out side, but what else do we need to do to save using electricity. Unfortunatel gas cant be connected to our villa.

Or should we sell and buy a tent, pitch it on some vacant block, cook on an open fire , sorry but you cant do that anymore it is poluting the atmosphere.

But why complain kevvie can fix all this ’cause he can change our climate. It is interesting to see how all prices have risen except yours and mine.
Just a thought