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If I read Hostess’ website right it’s $35 per year for the hosting. They have their own site builder that probably isn’t portable to other hosting.

That is very cheap and in the grand scale of things, not much money. Consider your wage, is it cheaper to lose the $35 you paid or have a website that turns customers away (or doesn’t attract them)?

I won’t tell you WordPress or Joomla is easier…it’s not going to be…it’ll likely be more expensive too…but you will in the end likely have a better site, that has a whole bunch of advantages over the Hostess’ site builder.

For DIY WordPress/Joomla you are roughly looking at ;
Hosting: $3 a month right up to $30 a month. $5 is probably what you’d want.
Templates: $30-$100
Install/learning: Several weeks work (to do it right really its more but thats my opinion and I don’t want to start a fight :))