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Hi Beancounter, I had a look at the Bookkeeping Team website in your sig as I like to see what other people have done and it seems to be the same kind of layout as mine, a column in the middle with two smaller columns on each side. I don’t think we can get too much of a focal point with that particular layout :)
The main aim of my website is so that people who have seen the local advertising material can see what the shop is all about. The online stuff is really only there because apparently everyone has to have an online store option as well these days. I’ll probably put a bit more focus on that in the near future but at the moment it’s primarily an information site.
(PM me if you like, there are several spelling and grammar errors on your website that you’d probably like to know about, starting with the first sentence :)

Howdy Burgo, business is starting to build after a somewhat rocky (and scary) start. The word is getting around the local dog parks and training groups that Im here, and I’ve had quite a few of my old customers come in, as well as a good amount of new customers who have returned more than once :) Things seem to be going pretty well (*quietly crosses fingers, arms & legs).

John, I’m paying $75 for the business package plus the SiteXpress option. I had to laugh when you said compare it to my wage (wot wage? ..lol) but you’re right, I don’t want to pay for a website that turns people off. I had a look at the WordPress site and my brain nearly exploded! I had a bit of trouble making sense of the options but I think I’m feeling a bit muddled at the moment. I might have to step away from the website for a day or two and get some perspective. At the moment I just need a site that people find comfortable to look at and to use, and that tells them what they need to know about the shop.

A quick question about the suggestions to use another DIY option. Just wondering what the main issue with the Hostess template is? Is it the layout itself, the enormous heading section, the online selling part, the particular content I’ve used, the presentation … all or some of these or something else?

Thanks for the input so far.