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Hi Yellowgirl,

I’ve attached an image of what it looks like in the Opera Webbrowser. Right hand side those images are out of wack…

It works ok in IE 7 and Firefox…

Opera is a fairly uncommon web browser so you might not want to worry about it. As long as IE7, IE8 and Firefox work that covers a *most* of the market….as for fixing it, perhaps report it to Hostess and ask them to fix their template…

I think regarding your hosting, you best bet is to ask hostess if your products can you exported once you have entered them…if you can’t I’d seriously recommend moving hosting and going with a different setup, it’s going to mean you are stuck with them or have to reenter everything manually…..

I know its tough running a small business without not enough capital, but I guess in my opinion its best not to overextend. That is, it’s better just to have a simple professional looking site than one that is full of information but doesn’t look good or function well.

But yeah, take a break and come back to it…do that a few times and you wont feel so overwealmed…:)

Good luck!