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Hello Jo,

Considering it is your first attempt, it’s not so bad. My only suggestions are that you keep the layout of all your pages uniform for a more professional image. The best layout would be this page http://www.fidosfunhouse.com.au/home_page_16.html which has to be renamed “products” and not “home” page.

Your home page is far too busy with images and not enough content. Why not place the images separately with a description beside each one giving your viewers a better idea in regards to your products.

Make sure to include “alt tags” and “descriptions” within your images and a “call to action” in the content like “click here” to direct the viewers to the products page that relates to the image.

Another important aspect you have left out is a “meta description” for each of your web pages to give the search engines a description of the relevancy of your website. The “meta keywords” can also be added too, although they do not have much importance these days from a search engines point of view due to “keyword spamming”.

Try this first so that we can review it again for you and make the necessary improvements “step by step”.

Good Luck!!!