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Karen Wardle
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Thanks for that King, I agree with you about research first.


There’s no such thing as too expensive, it’s a matter of not providing enough value.

You make a very valid point. I think sometiimes it is easy to forget this. Sometimes business owners, myself included, are too quick to drop their prices when they often would be much better of improving their product or service.

The Domino’s example put a smile on my face. I used their example on a marketing page that I have on my site. Here is the link (if you’re interested).


I probably should have explained myself a bit better. The bit I am concerned about is how do I tell here what she needs to hear rather than what she may want to hear.

I guess I am just being chicken and I should tell her straight, but nicely.

BTW Hugh, I didn’t received email notification when you left your reply. Maybe I should let Robert know……….Robert :)

Thanks to you both for your help.