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I am no expert, but from my understanding as a solo operator:
– you have to have the item in your own name or business name. If your own name is registered as Name trading as, that’s ok if you have an ABN.
– my car is depreciated only by my accountant and only a certain percentage of the value is deductible because you have to apportion the percentage rule to everything from the car to the petrol and insurances and GST. Work out your business use versus your personal use. You are meant to keep a 6 week log every few years or if your usage changes, more often. For example, if your percentage is 60% business, 40% personal and this also needs to be itemised on your car insurance so it would have to be in your name.
– you can purchase a car various ways but you have to discuss with your accountant which will be the best deduction for you. The percentage usage rule still applies.
– As a solo operator your other income is added to your business income from other job/jobs after expenses and the tax worked out on the lot.

You can also call the ATO and have a chat with them.