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Ann Niddrie Photographer
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Wow Karen C, thanks so much for those fantastic tips! We have already started to put some of them into place. To hear you have been doing that for 13.5 years is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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KarenC, post: 20224 wrote:
Hi Ann, congrats on your business and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a clever or crazy decision, it can work out ok. My husband has his own separate business but we do share some office time together in our home office and sometimes it’s a madhouse as I sometimes have to trade hats. However, our office area can be shut off from the rest of our home.
My suggestions to keep things happy between you:

– Have time out alone and together, so that if you want to go to the hairdressers or coffee with a friend it’s not a big deal and the same for him
– Have a regular ‘date lunch’ or dinner with your partner every week (ours is Tuesday and we’ve been doing that for 13.5 years) and do this at a local restaurant not in your home so that there is neutral territory
– Try to separate work issues from personal issues in your discussions (this is very important so you don’t carry work issues into your personal relationship. Try to see each other objectively as workmates in the workplace during work.)
– Have an agreement about finances and allowances for yourselves that are not dependent on each other (ie you can spend it without recriminations from the other partner)
– Remember that you did this because you like working with each other and complement each other talents
– Shut the door on the office when you are finished and enjoy a pre-dinner or late night dinner drink together just to debrief (depending on your hours – sometimes ours are all over the place because of shift work and unusual deadlines, but we always try to have a chat together, even if it’s at midnight and then sleep in a bit)

I’m sure others have good suggestions too.

And love your work and home.