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Firstly there is a lot more to it than the small amount of advice that Im going to offer. I suggest you scrap the strategy of telling people you are in the process of starting a business. You need to convince people you are trustworthy, reliable, experienced and ESTABLISHED as opposed to what your website says “just starting out”.

Secondly you need to sit down and define your target market. Who needs or are most likely to use your services?. Marketing to everyone will get mediocre results. Once you have defined your target market you then need to find a way to expose yourself to them…..how??? well thats a $10,000 question and I mean that literally.

I don’t mind spending a bit (up to $1000 initially) but what else can I do?

Others here will disagree with me but $1000 isnt much to market a new business so you need to use it wisely. I think instead of a mass flyer drop as you mentioned use a good portion of that to get some professionally designed brochures which are targeted towards a specific market. Look for a market which will bring repeat business or companies which can promote your services in conjunction with their products or services. Take your brochure and go see them. Be prepared, make sure your offer is well thought out and that you have prepped for any questions they may have. I think marketing to the general public at this stage of your business will see you spend a lot of money with poor results.

Dont forget once you have changed your website to promote it on facebook and other social media sites.

And no Bright pink wont do it for me….lol….