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There’s nothing that tricky about marketing … all you need to do is:

1. Decide on a niche. Inch wide, mile deep is the rule – find a SMALL group of business people who need your service.

2. Determine your unique value proposition – once you know what it is that you offer this niche that is worth 10x what they are paying you, it becomes a no brainer.

3. Communicate your UVP to your Niche Market – this is where all those marketing tactics you’ve learned come into play … it might be a flyer drop (if that’s what’s right for your market) but it probably won’t be. It might be direct mail, telemarketing, PPC, social media (in a perfect world it would probably be ALL of these things).

Problem is, everyone wants to jump to step 3 and do the communicating before they determine the answers to steps 1 and 2 – and that’s why most marketing fails miserably.