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Thanks everyone for your responses so far.
It seems to be fairly unanimous that untargeted flyers are unlikely to be very successful, and I already agreed with that. A friend has spent a lot of money on untargeted flyers for no result, while another friend who runs a landscaping business targeted people living in a bushy area, generally older, and got a good outcome. The issue is identifying who this demographic is, where they live, and if they would have any use for my business. Without receiving any response to market research how am I to know?
I have thought of the demographic (niche) I am targeting – the service I feel would be useful to individuals ie. primarily older people who don’t use the internet/phone to research purchases and my not like to drive long distances to Melbourne, and businesses, as a local, personal courier. I think that is a sufficient UVP, but the issue is finding the market (point 1 by Leela), and knowing what is the best form of marketing (Point 3 – I really haven’t learned that much at TAFE).
I am flexible with the business model at this stage – is it people’s opinions that this would be a business targeted primarily at other businesses?
I’m not looking to have everything done for me – just wanting to know where to go next.