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These sort of offers are fantastic, but for the first time AdWords user it can be a kick in the shins for Google, I have spoken to a few small businesses recently that tried these free vouchers and seen them used up within a day or two and didnt get any extra sales or results from them.

So when trying to convince them that AdWords is a good addition to their online marketing campaign, its not an easy sell!

Using AdWords effectively is an art in itself, there are so many things to consider to make sure you aren’t over paying, and making sure your ad is shown in the best spot possible.

A few tips for you all.

How To Improve your Quality Score ( https://adwords.google.com.au/support/aw/bin/answer.py?hl=en-au&answer=10215)
– Make sure the keywords you target in the campaign are the same keywords that are on your landing pages, in both the title and on the page of the site
-These keywords should also be somewhere in your ad as well

How Improve your Click Through Rate (CTR)
– Try using the {Keyword} Variable somewhere in your ads
– Make sure your ads have a call to action
– Don’t have more than 4 different ads for any campaign
– Looks at using exact match and broad match codes in your keywords

How to ensure you don’t pay to much!
– Don’t target too many keywords, target only those that will bring you people who are looking for your services. eg: If you are a roofing company that does roof repairs, there is no point targeting the keywords such as roof tiles, try targeting “roof tile repairs”
– Set a daily limit and CPC but don’t set this too low, look at what AdWords recommends for those keywords and bump it up about 5-10%, this will ensure your ad is always shown but you arent paying too much for it.

I hope that helps some of you first timers out that are going to give that voucher a try :)