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haha yeah, what a horrible industry…glad i’m not involved in it ;)

To the original poster this is an explanation;
Pretend you are building a house. If it ends in 90% completion, there is usually a pretty good reason. That reason is because someone buggered up the foundations and then realised at the end of the project. Build a house on a sinking lot of sand, it ain’t 90% complete…

It’s the same thing with IT. If you mess up the foundations bad enough you have to bulldoze it and start again….

Then you have to ask yourself if you were a builder would you take on a 90% completed house? You’d be nuts to do so without spending … say $1000 checking it out really thoroughly first…and thats your entire budget.

There are a lot of assumptions I’m making here, but chances are the only person you will get to look at it is inexperienced…