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ha ha I think we’d all like to have a “look”, but alas, original poster is long gone, and hasnt been back to comment. I guess we could continue to make assumptions and see how far from the actual truth of the situation we can get?

Im guessing brief handed to designer.
Designer makes a start, going swimingly, feedback from client, website progresses.
Client spots a you-beaut website/s and wants some of those elements incorporated into their now “90%” built website.
Designer, happy to oblige, but variations to original brief will take some/significant time to implement = extra charges.
Client didnt realise designer/developers time was part of the equation, they just want a website that does everything.
Dummy spit.
Designer/developer sacked, not paid, and website still under construction.

Lack of communication will do that. The brief must be clear and both parties clear on what will be delivered, and whats expected, BEFORE either party takes on the project.