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john.sheppard, post: 20424 wrote:
Why is it 90% complete? Where did the person who did the 90% go?

I wasn’t keeping track of the thread and just saw all the replies. Sorry about that. The thread didn’t look like it was giving any constructive suggestions anyway :(

As a quick explanation for your guys:
1. The site is completed bar a few small things. The majority of things that need to be completed are some of the design aspects and things such as linking to our social networking pages: facebook, twitter, tumblr etc.. and some added security during checkout.
2. The person who original coded the site has coded other sites for us however they’re located overseas so we need someone locally to help launch our site. We also need local support in the event we want to upgrade any of the site’s features or need maintenance.
3. The job is fairly small. We’re not trying to lowball anyone. We’re happy for you to take a look at the current pre-launch site, as well as our requirements, and determine whether or not you wish to proceed with the job.

You can all take a look at the link provided above and determine it for yourself.


EDIT: I’ve removed the link to the current uploaded website. If you’re interested in the job, please let us know and we can forward you the requirements. Thanks