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Re: Insulation Batts

This federal government program has been underway for nearly 11 months, it is nationwide. It started in February 09 as a $1600 rebate, not sure how anyone could have missed it with the amount of marketing going on. Had mine installed in the first week of the program and have since received many, many telemarketing calls, post box flyers and heard many tv, radio ads about it. The rebate has also been reduced to $1200 unless you already had it booked in when the reduction was announed.

The program has caused a bit of consternation particularly on morning talkback radio about dodgy installers and installation – there are claims of fires caused by this. Are you partnering with a company that is qualified to do the installation? The government requirements that can be found on this page: http://www.environment.gov.au/energyefficiency/insulation/homeowners/index.html I also note that on the Dept of Environment webpage there is already a list of deregistered installers.

There are requirements under the Building Code of Australia and I am sure if you look around there will be an Australian Standard for home insulation. The company I used has been in the business for 20 years or so and were aware of the compliance issues. Another company who quoted at the time advised me not bother to insulate over my garage space. My research showed that the whole space right over the eaves needs to be covered for the full effect.
This web page provides good technical information about insulation – http://www.yourhome.gov.au/technical/fs47.html

As for handing out at shopping centres – have you ever handled fibreglass insulation batts? They make you itch like crazy – unless you are promoting a product that is itch free you may well turn people off. And don’t chop them up yourself get the back packers to pick the scraps up off the side of the M4 in Sydney – there’s plenty of it lying about.

Also get the spelling right for your marketing – nothing turns people off more than bad spelling.

Do your research, get the facts right and you should do well.