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Hi Kathy!

thanks for your reply. We’re actually in Mandurah WA (not that it really matters for your point), but we already have half the furniture here, and just have to get a counter and we could just about start. We are trying to sell our house with everything in it, so the furniture may stay or come with us. We actually live in the house above the shop, so moving it isnt going to be a hassle. I guess it was also just a trial to see how we would go running a shop too; committment to hours etc. we didnt really expect any customers to follow, only for us to gain experience with wholesalers and the like. get some ideas on who to use, trade shows etc to go to…

but thanks for your concern. not really going to spend much money. just a POS system and we have most of the cabinets already here in the form of bookcases and storage shelves. it wasnt really going to be a high budget exercise…

if you have any suggestions for wholesalers or tradeshows etc i’d really appreciate that… oh and cheap credit card facilities.