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I’m with the others.

At the end of the day, business is business. Your partner will get over it.

I work with my partner – and have friends and family who work with us in our business. I’m very clear with everyone upfront that I will put the good of the business first and that I consider our business and personal relationships separate.

So far, I have had cause to sack a family member from the business. I made it clear that family Leela had no issues with her – but business Leela couldn’t deal with the situation for the good of the business.

Now, I’m lucky because my friends and family are AWESOME and totally get this …

But at the end of the day – the business is the business.

Not firing a bad client because your girlfriend won’t like it, is like asking your mum for advice on your marketing campaigns … sure, it makes them feel involved and good about stuff, but it will absolutely hold your business back.