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ICT Guru
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Ahh what a predicament!

Personally, I like doing business with people I trust, and yes there’s different schools of thought on this, but for me I got to be able to trust that person. I’ll let them make a mistake once and if they genuinely feel the error then I’ll give them a second chance, but if not, then thats it. Game over.

It really depends on your personal style of doing business. By having this problem in the first place indicates that you do business with honesty and integrity and by violating that, your “clients” are putting you in distress.

So I’d say sit down with them and ask them straight up what’s going on. Based on that answer I’d either continue to have them as clients or drop them straight away saying that you can’t keep carying them like this.

How you do business is a very personal thing so you have to work out what’s best for the business.

Good luck!