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Jocelyn, post: 24031 wrote:
Hi Ray!

How did you DO IT???
I would love to know!!!
What is your business and how did you start without any money?? That’s my dilemma now.


Hi Jocelyn,

I started at the local weekend market , cleaning jewellery for $1 per piece .. set up a little table near the ATM .. and while ladies are waiting to withdraw cash I made my spiel ‘Clean your jewellery while you wait $1 only takes a couple of minutes’.
After a couple of weeks I was able to buy an ultrasonic jewellery cleanng machine .. you can get them new for under $100 …
A few weeks later a customer suggested that I sell jewellery as well .. so I did some research to find where I could buy small lots cheap
some time later someone suggested I should sell second hand jewellery so I applied for a secondhand dealers licence and did that
another few weeks and a bloke asked me to lend him $30 as he had spent too much and didn’t have petrol to get home, he offered to let me hold his gold ring … more research told me to do this I needed a pawnbrokers license .. so I applied and got that ..
Had a disagreement with market management , lost my temper and told them to stick it .. but too stubborn to give up .. I found a little shop I could rent cheap .. moved out of Salvation Army Shelter, slept in back of shop .. went to friends place for showers.. ate lots of sandwiches.
Got lots of encouragement and advice from other Pawnbrokers
One year later moved to different area to test what I had learned in another environment
Now I’m about to leave present shop as my business has evolved into different kind of money lending which is not geographicaly limited ..
It is now a credit line , I even have my own plastic card printing machine and website … http://www.alternativechoice.com.au

Still learning, still growing, still having fun … thinking back … first month cash flow $28.50 gross profit $3.75 .. this financial year average $208.39 per day .. still working 7 days a week ..

Good Luck .. What ever happens … Never give up. Never give in ..