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Hugh Thyer
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Chris Bates, post: 20578 wrote:
I just burnt $600 on a 5000 flyer letterbox drop, didn’t get one enquiry from it. Very disappointed, they probably ended up in a bin somewhere.

I certainly wont be spending my money on that form of marketing again any time soon, not to say it doesn’t work though. I think it was more bad timing on my behalf then anything.

Could the problem have been your flier? Fliers still work. I know another copywriter who is doing 1 or 2 fliers for clients a week, and they’re getting results.

Did you identify a USP/UVP that your target market wanted? Have a strong, compelling headline that couldn’t be ignored? What was your offer like? Did you emotionally involve your prospect and build rapport with them by showing them you understand their problems, then explaining how YOU can solve their frustration quickly and easily.

I’d avoid car windows though. They just annoy people and by the time they get home to take action on your flier, they’ve forgotten all about it.

BTW, have you considered melbournes child/sydneys child/whatever city’s child magazines?