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Emroy, post: 28232 wrote:
@Gretel – I just had a look at your website, I think your photography is absolutely stunning! Fantastic website too =)

Just out of curiosity, what kind of flyer did you use? Size, colour, paper weight etc.

I hear many varied stories form a lot of customers saying that certain styles get a much higher response rate.

Glad you like the photography!

Initially we produced our own flyers designed ourselves and printed on photographic paper. They were quite successful but have since move on to getting them designed (we are photograhers, not designers!) and printed in a postcard size, postcard weight or a lovely matt satin paper about 120gsm I think. We’ve had great feedback on the last lot, just need to think about what we do for the next one (wasn’t entirely happy with the design work on the last one!) and how we get them out to our target market more effectively.