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Hi Gretel,

You’ve received a lot of great posts. Really good ideas. It’s good to see what people have done and what has and has not worked.

From what I gather, the flyers have worked for you in the past. But if you are trying to reach your target market there are other methods. Paul mentioned advertising or promoting within organisations that your target market gather.

From my experience that is idea works quite well. But a call to action is important. Usually un-addressed mail outs need to be conducted in the masses, with really good call to actions to get a response. Like Woolworths catalogues.

Have you tried doing a personalised direct target mail out? Usually when I conduct direct mail outs I always follow up. I never really on the mail out alone to bring in the business. It usually gives some good pull but requires some follow up.

Have you thought about markets? Paddy’s markets or Narrabeen markets. Whatever you’re targeted market area is?