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Steven Hudson
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Hello Gretel

Emroy is on the money..letter box drops do work, however it can better for some industries than others and there could also be seasonal factors. Like Emroy say’s about having a four pronged attack it is all about a mix of promotional channels, picking the ones which will work for you is the hardest. As Henry Ford once said ‘I know 50% of my advertising works, just don’t know which 50%’

One thing about flyers and advertising is a factor which is called Awareness. Awareness is created by using the same methods of advertising i.e. the same add in the local rag over a period of time usually 9months, after is time your success rate escalates dramatically. And this is the reason why people say flyers don’t work, they do it once with minimal or no response.

May I suggest you try of working up an offer and take it to the local Sporting Clubs and Kindergartens? They are always looking for some $ assistance to run their organizations. I now one person who did this and it was so successful he paid out $33K in one year to one club. It was a different product to yours, but gives an insight to how you may get some traction.