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exstatic, post: 20615 wrote:
Hi Julie,

What sort of skills does she have? She could possibly do some freelance writing, write articles for people.

What is it your DD did for work before her illness? Is it possible to use that skillset online or from home by any chance?

What about other things like PA type work? Maybe virtual assistant work?

In terms of data entry, from what I have found that has all been outsourced to India because it is so cheap, so even if she can get into some of that sort of work it might not pay much at all.

Hi exstatic,
Funny you should mention writing- she IS a very good creative writer… and very creative artstically. She’s just never had enough faith in her talents.

Before her illness she was doing courier delivery work round Brisbane ( and was promoted very quickly there because she is a very dedicated, loyal employee- just an aside here: she was working at a take away place years ago…I started there too, about 2 months after her, I lasted 3 hours, she stuck it out for over 6 months!)

Yes, I was starting to realise the data entry stuff would not be viable. I’ll plant a flea in her ear about her writing…and also suggest she develop her typing skills. I’m not sure she’ll be able to do enough to generate any sort of income in the short term though ( her DH s sorta freaking out about them only having one income, but I think they’ll manage okay).

Maybe this situation will be the motivation to DO more writing…it’s an ill wind, and all that :-)
Thanks for those words, they’ve helped a lot.