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Do you mean who would pay the duty and GST? You as the person buying the items and bringing them in would be paying this. Your agent would charge you for facilitating. You would pay your supplier for the cost of the goods – sometimes this may include freight to Australia depending on what you have worked out with them. Otherwise – if you are bringing in a shipment not via Australia Post you would also need to pay a freight forwarder to clear the goods through customs here – they have quite a few extra charges. If you are registered for GST you can claim that back on your BAS. The duty and freight you will need to factor in to your cost price. Send me an email on [email protected] and I will email you my (free) import pricing template which will help you work all this out. You also need to factor in the exchange rate for wherever you are importing from – and don’t use the rate that you see on TV – check what the rate is from someone like http://www.oanda.com and then pick a rate that is a little different to allow for any currency fluctuations.