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Hugh Thyer
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G’day Chris

I did question your flier the other day so it’d be pretty unfair if I didnt give you my feedback.

First of all, Fiona is spot on. People want more money, so your job is to tell them how to get it. In this case, using a website.

Your logo takes up a 1/4 of your flier, and this is completely wasted space. Nobody but you cares about your logo so you’ve wasted all that space where you COULD be telling people how they’ll make more money with a website. Or filling it with results-based testimonials, ie ones that say how much more money they made using you, rather than what a great guy you are.

Your headline is weak. Don’t ask them if they need a website. Tell them WHY they DO need a website.

You state that all companies need a presence on the web, but don’t tell them why. Your offer is good, (the 30 minute consultation) but you have to tell them what they’ll get out of it.

Also, you need to PROVE your case with testimonials, case studies and industry statistics which prove that a website is critical to a business.

The best way to approach the flier is to put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What do they really want? I’d say more money and more business. So make sure your flier is focussed on how they can get more business, and not focussed on websites.

What are you really selling? Money at a discount. They spend $2,000 on a website and they make $20,000 more money.